Wednesday, September 13, 2006

23 weeks

Well, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and going strong. It has been quite a while since I posted, but life has been keeping me extremely busy. My children are now back in school - my oldest in second grade and my youngest in preschool, and with my job and all of their activities, life is flying by! I am trying to work until Thanksgiving, but lately, I'm not sure if I will make it. My parkinson's is ok, the stiffness is getting worse, my balance is starting to go, and I am a lot more tired than I ever remembered with the other two, but other than that nothing too major that I can't handle, but it is getting harder to move around. I am truly blessed by the Lord thinking about how well I've been doing off of my meds. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to make it this long working, but once again, with God by my side, I am in awe of his mercy and grace. Week 18 we went and had a sonogram. I was measuring bigger, so they wanted to make sure there weren't more than one. Well, there is only one - and we found out that it is a boy! Yeah! We will be naming him Benjamin Paul. He is sooo active. I don't think he stops moving more than 10-20 minutes at a time. Then its another hour of nothing but moving, kicking, turning! Of course, my friend pointed out that his name is Ben My oldest - also a boy - was very active as well, but my girl was not. She hardly moved at all. But, I'm pretty sure she was saving her energy for when it counted, cause she started walking at 9 1/2 months, and I've been chasing her ever since! My son is more calm, but he still to this day cannot sit still - always moving...he is very smart and I think he just constantly needs to be occupied. I'm anxious to see what this little bugger will be like! Both of my children are comedians - I wonder if little baby Ben will pick up that trait as well. Not sure where it came from though - my husband and I aren't class clown types, in fact - other than myself - I don't know anyone who considers me Well, as it gets closer, I will be posting more. I really need to get my website up and going for the support of Parkinsons. I have lost track of my goals, but I am ready to refocus and listen to what the Lord wants me to do.

Friday, June 16, 2006

10 Weeks 5 Days

Well, it's been 3 weeks since the last post. Two weeks ago, my 8th week in this pregnancy, I heard the babys heart beat! My doctor didn't think we would be able to, because of how early it was, but there it was! A nice, strong, health heartbeat!! YAY! I had my first baby dream the other day. When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamt I was having a boy, with my daughter, I dreamt I was having a girl. This dream was a little more scary - In my dream, I was having...TWINS! Well, so far, this hasn't been said to me, so for now we will just chalk that one up as a dream! I am going to see my baby doctor next Friday. At my last appointment, he told me to go ahead and take sinekot to help with my not able to go potty issue. I used to live on Sinekot before I was put on all of my Parkinson's medicine and started running. But, with both of those out until the baby comes, I am back to needing it every day. The joys of Parkinson's...ugh! Good thing I have the Lord! We're still going around about the names...but I am still all for Benjamin! Ava is my girl name choice...we'll see!

10 weeks 5 days!

Wow! The time is going by. I haven't posted in a few weeks, so my exciting news hasn't been shared! At my 8 week appointment we heard the babys heart beat!! YAY! The doctor didn't think we would, because it was way early, but my little snuggles pulled through for us! (Secretly I named him Ben - but my hubby doesn't like it - only cause of Big Ben!!! - so I keep it between me and the babe! and honestly - although I am a huge Steelers fan, the name came to me way before I made a connection! When I was in high school, I had a good friend named Ben, and he passed away last year. I just think it is such a strong boys name!) I go back to the baby doctor next Friday. This past visit, the doctor said it was ok to take senekot - due to my parkinson's I have been unable to keep a regular schedule - if any schedule at all - will the potty thing. So, I started taking Sinekot again - which I lived on before the meds for my disease were perscribed, and I was running. It has seemed to help a little - for that I am greatful! The wednesday after, I will see my local neurologist. This will be his first time hearing me say I'm pregnant. I hope he is ready for the I know he will be - he is a superb doctor! Oh yeah, I wanted to share some information for anyone who may be or will be pregnant and has Early onset Parkinsons. I was on a sight the other day and came across a posting from a 29 year old female with Parkinsons that had had a miscarriage at 9 weeks (please keep her in your prayers). She had mentioned that she was on a med called Stalevo. I am not saying that this is the cause, as no one really knows much on how these drugs would affect a pregnancy. But, I have read studies that showed some women having miscarriages while taking Amantadine - another Parkinson's medication. I currently am off all meds except my sythroid and seem to be fairing well. If you are taking medication for this disease and become pregnant, please look into this. If I find more info - I will definitely pass it on. Have a great day! In Christ - Angela

Friday, May 26, 2006

7 weeks, 4 days

ok... I am now well into my 7th week and I am growing like you wouldn't believe! I'm a little nervous about this, I've never shown this quickly before! Well, I know that nothing in my life happens without the Lords hand on it, so if it means more than 1, then I guess that will be the next journey he leads me on! Last year, after my diagnosis with Parkinson's, I read a womans story about her journey with Parkinson's and her two pregnancies. She gave a lot of information and her e-mail address. So, I e-mailed her and she answered right away. She wants me to call because it would be easier to explain things over the phone. I think I will try calling her sometime this weekend. I am actually a little excited about talking to someone who knows how I feel! Everyone around me is very supportive, but noone actually knows what I'm feeling or thinking. I am going to pray about this. Now, if I could just get this belly to stop growing so Trust me, I wouldn't change a thing. I thank the Lord for giving me one last opportunity to have another child. A dream I've had, but thought was lost when I was diagnosed. God is good!

Friday, May 19, 2006

6 weeks 4 days

Well, I am in my sixth week of my pregnancy and so far so good! I have been off all meds (selegiline & requip), except my synthroid for about 3 weeks. My tremors have gotten a little worse, and my stiffness has increased, but other than that I feel great! I was able to run a couple of times and went for a nice walk today. Excersize always helps me feel better. I am still looking into banking the babys blood cord. I have done quite a bit of research and they are expecting umbilical cord stem cells to play an important role in a cure for Parkinson's and Alhzeimer's. I really want to get as much information out as possible because I feel it is very important for people to know about this. Alot of women do not know that they can donate their babys blood cord. These are being thrown away everyday, when they could be saved and used to help cure all types of diseases. I found an article that was quite interesting to me the other day. The basis of it was that while embrionic stem cells are used to do research, umbilical cord stem cells are actually used to treat diseases. So, why are we so focused on these research stem cells, when we already know we have success rate with the adult stem cells.

Armed for Battle

I find it very interesting how we are armed for the trials we may face in our lives. Growing up, I had many activities. I started running track and cross country in tenth grade, and I started playing the violin when I was 12 years old. I continued running and playing my music up until my second year in college, then other things became more important in my life. Just last year, soon after my diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, I started back into running and racing, and just a few months ago, I was able to pull out my old violin after 15 years! I've been playing it everyday since I brought home from my parents house where it was being stored. Since my diagnosis, I have done alot of reading and research - just like anyone would - and found studies that show that excersize actually helps diminish symptoms of my disease, and just recently, I found an article stating that listening to classical music is also theraputic for Parkinson's. Imagine that! The two things from my past that gave me oogobs of joy, are now playing a big role in my ability to help control my everyday symptoms! Of course, I know that nothing is possible without the Lord, and I am so thankful for these gifts given to me as a child. And now at 33, I am in awe realizing that these gifts were given to me for use in my adult hood, when I would need comfort the most.